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San Diego recycling bins are collected bi-weekly, and according to your address (Monday–Friday, 6 AM to 5:30 PM.) Your collection day depends on where exactly you live in the City of San Diego. All Recycling must be set out at the curb or alleyway by 6 a.m. for pick-up.

City of San Diego Holiday Recycling Schedule
No collection
of City of San Diego trash, recyclables or yard waste on the following City-observed holidays = NO SERVICE:

🚫 Memorial Day
🚫 Independence Day
🚫 Labor Day
🚫 Thanksgiving Day
🚫 Christmas Day
🚫 New Year’s Day

Starting the day of the holiday, trash is collected one day later for the remainder of that week (Tuesday’s trash will be picked up Wednesday, etc. and Friday’s trash will be collected Saturday.)


San Diego crews will also collect over 60,000 tons of household recyclables and over 30,000 tons of yard waste to be recycled.

1 Use the right container: The City of San Diego collects yard waste from a standard 32- or 45-gallon size trash container, preferably plastic. No attached lids. Never use plastic bags, which hide hazards and may injure drivers. The plastic also contaminates the mulch and compost made from yard waste, and decreases its marketability. Environmental Services collection driver picking up clean yard waste.

2 Know how and when to put out your container:

Yard Waste: Things NOT accepted in yard waste recycling –If any of the following materials are found in your container, your yard waste will not be collected:
• Bags (plastic or paper)

• Dirt and rocks

• Glass or metal

• Formica or plastic

• Demolition debris

• Trash of any kind including pet waste

• Sawdust or ashes

• Tree stumps longer than four feet, or anyone piece greater than six inches in diameter • Shingles, chemically treated or painted wood The City does not collect big items such as trees, or large amounts of material such as yard waste cleared from a lot.

3 Recycle only clean yard waste: Help us help you! By recycling materials accepted in the yard waste program, you help us produce high-quality mulch and compost. Please place only the following types of yard waste in your container:

• Leaves and grass

• Plywood and particle board

• Ice plant

• Clean lumber (no nails)

• Shrub clippings (less than four feet long and no one piece more than six inches in diameter)

• Bundles (four feet long, tied with string on both ends and weighing no more than 40 pounds)

To make sure your yard waste is collected, put your collection container(s) at your curbside or point of collection no later than 6 a.m. on your collection day.

Curbside Yard Waste Recycling Program Why should I recycle my yard waste?
Reduces waste Currently, more than 31 percent of the residential waste in the Miramar Landfill is recyclable yard material. By recycling your yard waste you help the City produce useful mulch and compost and reduce the amount of waste in our landfill, which ultimately increases its life. Reap what you recycle Mulch has a number of beneficial uses. As a ground cover, it reduces evaporation and the need to water, and adds organic material to the soil. Mulch can also be used to control weeds and prevent erosion on hillsides. Compost is used as a soil amendment to improve soil texture and increase water holding capacity. Mixing one to two inches of compost four to six inches deep into the soil is one of the best things you can do for your yard or garden. Compost can also be used as ground cover or potting mix. Compost and mulch are available at the Miramar Landfill Greenery. Up to two cubic yards of compost is free to City residents if self-loaded. Mulch is available free to all if self-loaded. Larger quantities of compost and mulch are available for sale.

The Greenery, located at the north end of Convoy Street at State Highway 52, is open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Take Your Cans In (After Pick-Up)

To help keep your neighborhood clean, remember to remove your container(s) from the public right of way by 6 p.m. on your collection day. Remember to consult your curbside recycling calendars for your week of collection. Place your yard waste container(s) more than three feet away from your automated trash or recycling collection container(s). Loaded containers must not exceed 50 lb. total weight.

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